Sea Works Acoustics Analyser

During sea works, like pile driving, high acoustic levels are generated with an impact on marine fauna. To address this issue, several regulations were enforced.

Sea Works Acoustics Analyser is the acoustics post processing analysis and automatic regulatory report publishing software for non acousticians. It allows the assessment of ambient noise and acoustic levels generated during pile driving works on several monitoring sessions.

Acoustics analysis

Ambient noise analysis

  • ANL statistical analysis
  • Third octave bands spectrum computation

Impulsive noise analysis

  • Source and cumulative levels statistical analysis
  • Regulatory thresholds exceedings computation
  • Impact areas assessment

Assessment in agreement with the following regulations

European recommendations (MSFD), French recommendations, American regulations (NMFS), German regulations and Swedish regulations

Post processing analysis

Any kind of recorder, multi channel, multi sessions, transmision losses computing

Watching results

Easy and quick access

Automatic and customisable PDF report publishing


Sessions comparison, regulatory synthesis

Local results archiving

Works history, Reports republishing, comparing with previous analysis

Annual software licence (Windows compliant) – update and maintenance included