DaViS underwater acoustic DAta VIsualization Software

DaViS underwater acoustic DAta VIsualisation Software

Dynamic visualization replay software

A post treatment dynamic visualization of the data is possible with the dedicated software: DaViS. It performs acoustics analysis in replay mode from .wav file of your DORI underwater acoustic recorder.

DaViS displays :

  • the spectrogram,
  • the temporal evolution of Sound Pressure Level (SPL),
  • the Power Spectral Density
  • the third octave band levels.

In addition, this software allows an audio listening.

Key specifications of our underwater acoustic data display software DaViS

✓ Gain and sensitivity of hydrophone are automatically filled

✓ Acoustic levels directly in dB re 1µPa

✓ Modular display and user friendly

✓ Free of charge – included with recorders

Details on technical specifications of our software

Modular display

The table below shows the selectable displays and interactive tools that can be selected for each chart.

Spectrogram PSD
SPL 1/3 octave
NFFT (or frequency resolution)
Integration time
Frequency band 3 bands
Pointer with value displayed
Logarithmic / linear frequency scale
Display duration
Color bar choice
Area of ​​interest selection

Area of interest selection

The selection of a time interval of interest can be made by selecting directly in the spectrogram. Next, another section appears with final acoustic information about this selected interval: a  zoom of the spectrogram, power spectral density, third octave band level and SPL values are shown while real time values are still displayed on the main graphs.


The spectrogram corresponds to a time-frequency display. Underwater acoustic levels are expressed in dB re 1µPa (reference in underwater acoustics) and are estimated using the following standards: