DORI recorder – XS

3 1505 415 HT

DORI underwater acoustic recorder :

  • Model: XS
  • No internal power
  • Storage capacity: up to 4 TB
  • Maximum operating depth: 300 m
  • Frequency range :

All included : Hydrophone, Pressure relief valve, Storage, the software DaViS , Accessory kit

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Storage capacity

Protective cage

Transport case

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Recorder for cabled stations or integration aboard existing systems (Gliders, AUV) :

Abyssens offers a line of underwater acoustic recorders with high performances in acoustic recording and storage. Thanks to a self noise below sea state zero and a high dynamic range, ambient noise can be monitored together with high level sources.

DORI recorder – XS addresses the issue of long term deployments in coastal areas through cabled stations. In addition, thanks to his very small design and low power consumtion architecture, this underwater acoustic recorder can easily be integrated aboard submarine systems.

Key technical specifications

High dynamic range up to 110 dB

High storage capacity up to 4 TB

Raw data storage (.wav) on 24 bits

Self noise below sea state zero

Software configurable amplification gain and high pass filter using WiFi (without opening the recorder)

Remote software update of the recorder

Clean and secure access to SD cards (without contact with electronics)

Our main options

Temperature sensor

Vacuum kit (allows you to test the watertightness of the device)

Typical use cases :

Two frequency ranges are available and offer you a complete listening range of the underwater soundscape. These underwater recorders can be used for PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) allowing to listen the ambient noise and its constituents:

    • anthropogenic sounds : noise radiated by boats, sea works noises as pile driving, drilling or explosions, noise radiated by renewable marine energies

    • biologic sounds : marine mammals, fishes and bentic activity
    • geophonic sounds : wind, rain, seismic and volcanic activity

High frequency option allows listening up to 250 kHz, which is often requested for detecting clicks from marine mammals, such as harbor porpoises.

ADC 24 Bits
Analogue bandwidth 250 kHz (HF) – 30 kHz (LF)
Dynamic range
110 dB
High pass filter
10 Hz or 370 Hz (software selectable)
Gain 0 dB or 12 dB (software selectable)
Sampling rate
LF : 31,25 kSps, 62,5 kSps, 125 kSps
HF : 31,25 kSps, 62,5 kSps, 125 kSps, 250 kSps, 360,36 kSps, 400 kSps
Maximal acoustic level
185 dB (with 0 dB gain)
User configuration
Recording modes
Continuous, scheduled and duty cycling
Storage Raw data (.wav)
WiFi (without opening the recorder)
Internal micro SD Card Storage
Storage capacity
Up to 4 TB
Internal power
No internal power
Autonomy Limited to storage autonomy – refer to autonomy tab
Dimensions Diameter: 90 mm

Length (LF without power connector): 150 mm (HF: +23 mm)

700 g
Maximum operating depth
300 m
Available options

SH  = -185 dB re 1V/μPa

Temperature sensor
Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C (between -5 to 50 °C); ± 0.5 °C (between -40 to 125 °C)
Protective cage
Allows hydrophone shock protection. Increases the recorder LF length by 45 mm.
Transport case
414 x 345 x 174 mm
Vacuum kit
Compatible with all DORI recorders. Allows watertightness test.

DaViS : DAta VIsualization Software

A post treatment dynamic visualization of the data is possible with the dedicated software: DaViS. It performs acoustics analysis in replay mode from .wav file of your DORI recorder.

DaViS displays the spectrogram, the temporal evolution of Sound Pressure Level (SPL), the Power Spectral Density and the third octave band levels. In addition, this software allows a audio listening.

Gain and sensitivity of hydrophone are automatically filled. The sound levels are directly shown in dB re 1µPa. This software is compatible with windows and free of charge (supplied with any recorder). The tools and graphs are user friendly.