Underwater acoustics is our core business

From data analysis to acoustics modeling, Abyssens extended its know-how in underwater acoustics. Its experience in this field enabled it to gain an in-depth knowledge in regulatory regards. Its skills spread to active acoustics (tomography and active localization).

  • Radiated noise estimation and spectral analysis
  • Automatic detection and classification
  • Modeling of radiated noise and creation of noise maps
  • Spatio-temporal monitoring and statistical analysis
  • Automatic characterization of the contributors (biophony, anthropophony, geophony)
  • Impulsive sound detection
  • Regulatory thresholds exceedings computation
  • Impact areas assessment
  • Vocalizations and clicks detection
  • Estimation of levels heard by marine mammals
  • Identification of impact and masking areas

Multidisciplinary skills

Thanks to the achieved projects, Abyssens extended its skills to transverse fields complementary to underwater acoustics.

Artificial intelligence

  • Clustering
  • Machine learning [Random-Forest, SVM, Neural networks]
  • Deep learning [Tensor flow]

Signal processing

  • Spectral analysis and DEMON
  • Transients and frequency modulations detection
  • Harmonics extraction

Image processing

  • Motion and object detection
  • “Fish-eyes” deformations  modeling 
  • Localization by using georeferenced landmarks

Statistical analysis

  • ANOVA, Correlation, Distribution function, Quantile analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)


  • GUI creation (QT / java)
  • Database management (SQL)

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Ambient noise monitoring, development of artificial intelligence algorithms for the automatic characterization of ambient noise, acoustics modeling, etc.