Abyssens services

Abyssens uses its expertise in the underwater acoustics field and transverse areas such as artificial intelligence to meet all your requests regarding :

Some examples

Ambient noise spatio-temporal monitoring

Statistical analysis and spatio-temporal monitoring of ambient noise in a coastal environment. Determination of the contribution induced by leisure maritime traffic.

Marine mammals detection

Automatic detection of marine mammals vocalizations with a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Acoustics transmission losses modeling

Modeling the transmission losses of a sound source and estimating areas with a potential impact on marine mammals or fishes.

Noise radiated by coastal boats

Frequency analysis of noise radiated by boats, DEMON analysis, identification of boats by using of auxiliary spectral rays.

Classification using artificial intelligence

The automatic classification of ambient noise and the detection of boats using machine learning.

Coastal traffic mapping using video surveillance

Visual surveillance of a coastal environment: detection and localization of boats by image processing to create a coastal maritime traffic map.