Our products : underwater acoustic equipments and dedicated software

Abyssens has designed its own line of acoustic recorders. It allows acoustic passive monitoring into the sea. Abyssens has also developed a software that allows easy analysis even for people without acoustics knowledge.


Abyssens low power underwater acoustic recorders have large and adaptable storage capacities (up to 16 TB). Therefore they are made for deployments at sea from two weeks to six months of continuous recording in coastal environment or deep sea on request.

The high dynamic range (110 dB) of our recorders allows you to monitor both the ambient noise and high level sound sources like human generated noises at the same time, for example the ship radiated noise or the acoustic levels emitted during works at sea such as pile driving and drilling.

The high frequency version (up to 250 kHz) can record a large set of sources like vocalizes and clicks of marine mammals such as harbor porpoises.

Acoustic data analysis software

– Sea Works Acoustics Analyser

Sea Works Acoustics Analyser is the acoustics post-processing analysis software. It is autonomous and therefore dedicated to everyone, even to non-acoustician people. It automatically publishes regulatory reports.It allows the evaluation of ambient noise and acoustic levels generated during pile driving over different monitoring sessions.

– DaViS DAta VIsualization Software

A post treatment dynamic visualization of the data is possible with the dedicated software: DaViS. It displays the spectrogram, the temporal evolution of Sound Pressure Level (SPL), the Power Spectral Density and the third octave band levels. In addition, this software allows audio listening.